A Style To Suit Everyone


The City Bike remains true to its origins of timeless style, unrivaled comfort, and maximum utility, but with the benefit of a 20mph cruising speed and up to a 50 mile range.

Whether cruising around campus,  commuting to work, or enjoying the weekend: the beauty of a city bike is in the A to B. 

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The Cruz is perfectly suited to cycle paths, beach boardwalks, and neighborhood streets. With its wide saddle and easy-living handlebars, they're as fun to look at  as they are easy to ride.

If you want to get the great benefits of cycling for fitness, running errands, or the enjoyment of lazy beach rides, the Cruz offers a relaxed ride that is ideal for admiring the scenery, and exploring the surroundings.

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The sport bike is our most versatile model, capable of commanding the roads, beaches, and off-road trails. With it's powerful battery motor, disc brakes, and wide chunky tires, you'll in control and able to handle practically every type of terrain. It's also an ideal commuter, with a range of up to 50 miles, and a cruising speed of 20 mph, it will change how you look at transportation.

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LCD SCREEN – Keep an eye on your speed, travel time, distant pedaled, and adjust your pedal assist.

PHONE CHARGER – Connect your USB device to charge your phone (City bike)

BATTERY POWER – Full charge can last for hours, and takes just a few hours to fully recharge.

THROTTLE – Adjust the amount of battery powered assist you want to control speed.

GEARS – Don't forget you can still use all models like a normal bike, and pedal.

BRAKES – Powerful brakes will ensure you have full control to slow and stop.

TIRES – Durable and wide-boy tires allow you to handle all types of terrain (Sport & Cruz. City has narrower road-going tires).

MOTOR HUB – A 350W geared motor ensures a smooth ride at all speeds.

PEDAL ASSIST – Adjust how much assistance you want from the battery when pedaling.

COMFORT & SAFETY – Comfy saddles, powerful brakes, and a kick-stand.