Passion for E-Bikes.


VELOTON is a first of its kind design, development, and manufacturing organization focused exclusively on creating advanced electric bicycles for the way you live your life.

We partner with respected brands and non-profit organizations that share our core values and objectives of bring awareness to eco-conscious, cost-effective, and fun, electric bicycles, for transportation, recreation, and a healthy lifestyle.

Our latest Branded eBike is called ZBIKE and you will be hearing much more and this in the coming days and weeks.

We are happy to announce a partnership with Our Last Night Together we will be creating a Limited Edition E-Bike and offering it exclusively through this summer and fall. STAY TUNED!


Why Veloton?


Our team has 30 years of business experience and 20 years working with overseas manufacturing. Our relationships in Asia assure cost effective manufacturing without sacrificing quality. Being Silicon Valley born and bred provides us access to cutting-edge technology and latest advances in the Industry. Our direct factory partnerships allow us to build E-Bikes to exact specifications, delivering only the highest quality products for far less than retail prices.


Why an E-Bike?



Pedal as much or as little as you want. Explore more or sweat less.


Get out more and explore your city and natural surroundings.


Arrive at school or the office without feeling like you need to shower.


E-Bikes are convenient options for short trips to the corner market or mall.

Quality Time

Spend more time outdoors with loved ones while enjoying a shared activity.

Increase Mobility

People with mobility issues can experience the pleasures of cycling.

No Obstacles

Hills and Headwinds will feel like you’re riding on level ground on a calm day.


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